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Im having and issue and while I am quiet good with computers it is beyond my skills to fix. I play World of Warcraft which is where I mainly see this issue however I see it in other games as well as just regular usage. My system when playing games will drop to 3-4 FPS stuttering for about 10-30 seconds then for no reason go right back to 50-60 fps. I have tried running adware and spyware stuff, anti-viruses, CCleaner, Defrag, deleting and reinstalling drivers, updating everything, cleaing out the HDD there is 100gig free space, and yet after all this it still does it with no answers I turned here.

My Setup:
CPU - AMD Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core Processor 4400+
Video - 9500 GT nvidia
RAM - 4 Gigs of ddr2 ram
OS - Vista Home

If you need any more information that i might of left out please let me know and thank you in advance for your assistance in the matter.

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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums :)
    Have you updated your VGA driver ?
  2. Yes I have
  3. Does anyone have any sort of idea? Im exhausted with trying to formulate answers concerning the problem and id like to get it fixed soon
  4. Disable Windows Aero and check if it helps,i have seen many users having problems with games when Aero is on
  5. Ill give that a shot and tell you what happens but i dont believe it will chage much at all could be wrong but been running with aero since day one with this system and this is the 1st issues i have gotten in 2 years. But like i said ill give it a shot and let you know!
  6. Did not seem to make a difference. On a side note it drove me crazy for about 10 minutes I love aero and I HATE not having it on. So thankfully that wasnt the issue
  7. Do you run any tasks in background while gaming ?
  8. Nothing more then the usual things that have been running I play windowed mode and have google chrome MSN and skype running but cpu usage is never over around 80% like that.
  9. And i tested it without anything running except what was needed and full screen not windowed and still have the same issue
  10. Also idk if this is possible but is there a way to test the video card and ram and things to make sure they are working properly. also I dont know if this is important but I use a logitech G13 G15 and G5 dont know if those will do anything about it
  11. I found a possible cause to the issue, however at the moment I dont have the time to test it so just let me know if this fits. After running DXdiag it says I only have 3 out of the 4 gigs of usable ram .... So using reasoning one of the four sticks of ram is bad and when its attempting to use that stick its causing the system stutters.

    Does that sound like it might fit?
  12. If your OS is 32bit,then it recognizes max 3.2GB RAM installed
  13. hmmm well if thats the case im out of ideas again
  14. I turned off my G15 program that runs the profiles and it seemed to work for about 50 mins or so then started back up
  15. hmm,if so then try updating your G15 driver
  16. They are up to date
  17. I have a G15 myself and its working fine however i don't use any profiles either,does it work without any profiles?
  18. I dont use profiles just default i just used the word profile to explain the program. Im telling ya this is crazy I have tried just about everything and cant fix it
  19. And I use the FPS to explain the issue but i think its a system lag not a graphics issue. Watching movies works never have issue its when im playing games and putting a strain on the system thats getting it. Everything I have is updated some things reinstalled ... should I try a fresh install of the OS?
  20. Yes try installing a fresh copy too,also do a disk defragment first.
  21. As much as I hate the process ill get that done today and let you know if that fixes the issue
  22. pls say if you found a solution- i have a nvid 250 as well - my finest xample is the game " SACRED 2" - as it can really fiddle with alotta colours & the new nvid " phys x" thingie- im xperiensing some stuttering during the startup of game... like a little crunching sound at high peaks- then when i move around in the game i can folly around for approx 10 sexs... then its like theres a huuuuge lag- sound stutters and graphic is moving matrix slow mo style... for 3 seconds... then it retuns to full speed again.... yet another 10 sec passes by same crap again ... crunchy crunchy stutter stutter for 3 secs. and same thing for me- updated Bios/drivers for graph card- updated chipset drivers - updated sound card drivers ... so im also fresh outta ideas - and ive been gaggin on this problem for almost a year now.

    Dual intel cpu* 3.16 ghz- 4 gigs of dominator ram - a raptor hd - and here comes the thing im afraid is the problem=
    my motherboard is a ASUS p5E deluxe model - ( heard alotta *** about that particular board) - IF anyone have a clue on where the barn starts to burn pls reply:D
  23. @BrianHA, start your own thread rather than trying to hijack somebody else's that you've just necro'ed.
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