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Hello,i am using a msi socket 775 motherboard (cannot remember model)with a q6600 cpu, thermaltake 500watt psu and a bfg 8800gt oc. For the past week i have been having issues where the video card spins at full speed but does not initialize and sometimes the entire machine cuts off automatically three or four times when i press the power button before i finally get it to boot. In the past few days i have gotten a blue screen stating a random hardware issue when windows is booting and i cannot get a video signal at all now. The card just spins at full speed and the lights come on (it usually slows down after a few seconds when i do get a video signal) HELP PLEASEEEEEEE
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  1. Do you know which model PSU you have? Thermaltake have a few different models that offer 500W. In the meantime try removing your graphics card and boot using your onboard graphics solution. See if this makes any difference.
  2. i think that it is a true power but im not entirely sure
  3. It should be written on the label on your PSU. On their site I can see a few ToughPower series and also a PurePower series. I'm not sure which is yours.
  4. its a purepower 2.0, ive also just recently noticed that there was a bit of dust in between the cooler and cpu indicating that there was probably improper contact between the two, also the thermal paste is dry and crusty.
  5. Whether this is the course of your particular problem or not I don't know but this too should be remedied asap. You need a good contact between your cooler and CPU to ensure proper heat dissipation. Try removing it, cleaning off any excess compound and reapplying new thermal compound.

    Have you tried booting with your graphics card removed using onboard graphics yet?
  6. o i dont have an on board card on my mobo just my discreet 8800
  7. Just had a look at the specs for your PSU now and it has two +12V rails that supply 14A & 15A respectively. Your 8800GT requires 9-10A to run it, but you say you've overclocked your graphics card so the actual figure is probably a bit more. I'm assuming you have overclocked your CPU too since you have an aftermarket cooler. Perhaps there just isn't enough amps on your +12V rails of your PSU to run your system adequately. I'm no expert on PSUs so maybe wait and see if anyone else can offer some further insight.

    Although I would definitely try with onboard graphics and see if its any better. Maybe also try your GPU at stock speeds.
  8. o no the only thing that came overclocked is the gpu and it came like that from the factory, ive been running this rig for two years with no probs but this just started happening all of a sudden
  9. Do you have another graphics card you can swap in to see if that works? If you can visually see that something isn't right with your graphics card then it does make me think it could be faulty.
  10. ill see if i can borrow one cuz that makes sense
  11. Yeah try it if you can and post back. It's really a case of eliminating possibilities and at the moment your graphics card seems a likely one. Good luck!
  12. thanks alot
  13. strangely enough i got my rig to boot this morning and stay on, im really starting to think that the issue is stemming from improper contact between my cpu and the cooler because the weather was unusually cold today and i was having the issue while it was pretty warm for the past few days (could be a coincedence though). Anywho thanks for the help and i will continue to moniter it for any irregularities.
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