Can I fit two ATI 4850 x2 in the Dell's Alienware Area 51 desktop?

Can I fit two ATI 4850 x2 on Dell's Alienware Area 51 desktop? I am almost certain is has two PCI express x16 slots.

I want to use machine for trading/gaming on 8x - 24" LCDs.

I can find anywhere the exact dimensions of the 4850 x2 cards, but i heard its super sized.

Here are the specs for AArea51 desktop:

Motherboard and Chassis Form Factor - ATX Motherboard, Full-Tower Chassis
Power Supply - Alienware 1000 Watt Multi-GPU Approved Power Supply
Motherboard - Alienware Approved Intel X58 ATX Motherboard
Chipset - Intel X58 Express Chipset w/ Unlocked BIOS for Overclocking

System Dimensions:
* 557.6 mm (22") - Height
* 595.5 mm (23.4") – Height - Vent Open
* 656.3 mm (25.8") – Depth
* 277.1 mm (10.9") – Width
* 15.4mm (0.6") - Deployed Rear Foot Height Adder
* Average Weight - 38 kgs (84 lbs.)

Any info greatly appreciated.
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  1. Found an old topic regarding the cards size.

    People measured the length at 11.5" inches. The thickness might be a factor as well.

    Also, here is a picture on Dells site, the PCI slots are blocked off.

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