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I'm trying to overclock my pc, but most of the bios options are greyed out, including the overclock options. I'm using an HP pavilion RX900AA-ABA a6010n. Really would appreciate any help, I want to start playing guild wars 2 already.
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  1. Not at all surprising. HP, Dell, Gateway, etc. ALL do that to keep from being able to overclock. Nothing you can do about it, unfortunately.

    Such is that way it is with pre-built systems. One of the main reasons no power user should ever buy a pre-built system...
  2. Well that stinks, but I kinda expected it. Guess I really will have to drop some money on a new pc.
  3. A new motherboard is probably all you need.

    As long as it supports your current CPU (same socket) and RAM(DDR2 or DDR3); any Asus, or MSI etc. motherboard will support your current hardware. This is the only component you "need" to upgrade.

    A PSU upgrade is in your future as well, but those can be had for about 100$ when one sale for a Corsair or other good brand PSU.
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