Do i have a Major Bottleneck or little Bottleneck if i upgrade GPU?

CPU: Intel Pentium D 945 3.40GHz
GPU:NVIDIA Geforce 9600 GT ----------> Sapphire ATI HD 5770 Vapor-X (Read Below)
RAM: DDR2 Kingston 1Gb x2
PSU: atx-500w icute

Now my question is, if i upgrade my GPU to a "Sapphire ATI HD 5770 Vapor-X"
Would i be able to get the full performance of the new GFX card or will the performance of the new GFX card become dramatically lower due to other hardware bottlenecks?

If so, what needs upgrading?

Games i intend to play are like Crysis, GTA4, Total War, Etc..
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  1. Wow... My opinion is that your processor is a bottle neck for the 9600GT you already have.
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    Yeah, if you intend to play Crysis or GTA IV at any decent settings you are going to want to upgrade that CPU.

    You can try to bring some new life into your PC with one of the Core2Duos on this list here.

    Those are older 65nm versions (they still perform great) and you can find them on places like They will probably be very expensive "new" since they don't make them anymore, but you might be able to pick up a used one for a decent price...

    Pentium D will hold you back quite a bit, a C2D even at 2.4 will cream it, and the Core2 will have good bit of OC headroom if your mobo is up to the task. GL.
  3. Allright thanks for the info guys :)
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