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Hd tune reallocated sector count

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Looks bad doesnt it? Or not? Brand new hp envy laptop. Using for 2 months. Would they change my hd cos its under warranty. And cos its a laptop, it'll be more complicated to change the hd right?
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  1. You should contact HP, but they may not rely on that tool to determine if the disk is working properly. However they may provide a tool that will determine if there's an issue with your hard disk. Backup your system so that you can restore it if need be.
  2. Did contact them n they asked me to scan using bios hd diagnostics and error check both which showed no problems so i guess i have no basis to ask them to change the hdd.
  3. Unless there are issues with your hard disk, getting it replaced will be a challenge.
  4. Since it wasn't backed up, how important is your data? You can run recovery tools on one hard disk, but don't do it on the other one if losing the data isn't an option.
    You can try, and other suggested tools. I'll admit that I never had much success with free recovery tools; that's why I perform backups. However other mambers may be able to suggest a free utility that will undo the damage done by Clear MBR. All data should still be there; only the partition should be gone; so fixing the MBR may work.
  5. I have backed up my data to an external hdd. And now just waiting for something to happen to my messed up hdd so i can ask hp to change it. Thanks anyway
  6. How is it messed up? Are you losing data?
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    First the disk may still be fine, you have to monitor if this parameter grows quickly over time. If so it might be a sign of a likely soon failure.
    those sectors have been reallocated (remapped) to reserved space so they are not "bad" for diagnostic tools including the bios one. Before "real" bad sectors appear you probably have no basis for warranty replacement
  8. I dont think i have any data missing. The hard drive hasn't behaved in any odd way except there was a problem with the os start up once which i repaired with start up repair. I am keepin check of the parameters for now and if the bad sectors increase, it could mean an imminent failure right? Thanks anyway.
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