[HELP] Warning: System Boot Fail

So I just got my new graphics card ati 5770 yesterday and I had my brother in law help me plug it into my computer. I was previously using a 7900 GS which was much smaller than the 5770.

In fact the 5770 took up so much space that there was only a 2mm-3mm gap between the new graphics card and my wireless network adapter when they were both plugged into my motherboard. So my brother in law moved the network adapter to the next slot to prevent any overheating problems.

After I turned on my computer and suddenly I get the message Warning: System Boot Fail and it directed me to go to BIOS and set it to default which I had no clue what to do. So instead I pressed F1 and went on to boot up windows. When windows booted up I could not get an internet connection. My wireless adapter was able to search up wireless networks but I could not connect to them... Everything else was working fine...

Does anyone know how I can solve this?

Oh yeah my power supply is 450W.
One more thing I don't seem to get a system boot fail every time... It happens once in a while? but internet connection never works.
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