This is my built so what do you think about it?

:hello: :hello:
This is my build: :o
Chassis:Coolermaster storm scout
Mobo:Asus p755d pro
Cpu:Intel i5w/ stock cooler
Ram:Corsair Dominator 4 gb ddr3 1600
Gpu:Sapphire 5850
Psu:Corsair CMPSU-750TXEU PSU (750W)
Hd:WD caviar black 750gb
Optical Drive:LG LS GH22LS50 DVDRW + / - (Sata, Bulk)
The price is 1050 euros.
Feel free to make suggestions.
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  1. I think the PSU is a bit overkill, even if you crossfire another 5850, overclock the i5 and max out the motherboard, but it won't hurt. A 650W would be in the right spot if you ask me.

    What i5 CPU? 750 I guess?

    Dominator are solid, but sometimes a bit expensive. I have switch to cheaper GSKill for some of my box and they are great too.

    imo you have a solid config there, but a bit overpriced.
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