GA-MA790FXT-UD5P bios cannot reboot itself

Just put together a new system with:
Gigabyte GA-MA790FXT-UD5P mobo
Phenom 2 x4 965
8 gigs DDR3 Ram (4x 2gb sticks)
XFX Radeon HD 5770

The computer turns on, I get the gigabyte bios splash screen and can enter the bios without a problem. But when I try to exit the bios and reboot, the screen blacks out and then doesn't reset itself. Pressing the reset button on the computer, or the one right on the mobo, does nothing. The same thing happens if I just let the boot process run past the bios splash and start searching for a boot drive (I don't have an OS installed yet). It says it can't find a system disk and when I press CTRL+Alt+Del, the system once again can't reset itself.

Any ideas?
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  1. Okay, the problem might be getting worse. When I wrote this last note, I could reliably get the system to restart by forcing it to power down, and then starting it manually. Now I'm getting intermittent results with that method, too. But just intermittent: sometimes it will start up and I'll get the splash screen; other times, it will sound like it starting (the fans will get going, etc.), but the screen remains dark.

    Let me also try to be a little clearer about what's going on. Everything seems to be running fine: the CPU fan and the case fans are all going, the optical drive is getting power (when I manage to get the system started with a Windows 7 installation DVD in the drive, it enters setup). The bios gets the drives right, recognizes the keyboard, etc. When it attempts a reset, the fans slow down for a split second and then speed up again, just as though it really is resetting. (It's a little hard to tell, but this momentary deceleration followed by acceleration may happen periodically when the system is failing to reboot, or boot in the cases where it can't do that either.) But my monitor can't find a signal.

    One possibility, I suppose, is that there's a problem with the video card. This would explain why the computer seems to be running, but I don't get anything on the screen. But the problem with this theory is that the blank screen only occurs when the system is trying to start up, and always occurs when I try to reset it, either manually or through the bios. Since the video doesn't seem faulty otherwise (ie. when it gets started, it stays started), I'm tending to think something else is wrong.

    It has seemed a few times like clearing the CMOS with the onboard switch will get the system to start again when its feeling touchy, which suggests that either the bios itself (or something related) is off.

    Hoping this all helps...
  2. Well I doubt its the motherboard. I have the same one and it shipped with the most recent BIOS. It should be F8C.

    What is your power supply and how much power does it run?

    Have you troubleshooted your RAM yet?
  3. The PSU is is an Antec Quattro 1000W. Each of the rails is more or less dedicated, as it's running right now.

    I think I have solved the problem though, and the suggestion to troubleshoot the RAM did it for me. Last night, I thought I checked all the DIMMS before posting and it seemed like the problem was persistent with any combination of them.

    But I don't know if I somehow didn't test one of them or was just sleep deprived or what, because this morning when I tested them again, one of them is definitely bad and it seems like with just the other three I don't have any problems. I think I might have missed the trouble last night because I didn't have a case speaker (I finally tracked one down at the Goodwill this morning. They're hard to find these days!), so I couldn't hear the BIOS complaining about the memory in particular (which it only did if I put the bad DIMM in the first slot).

    Hopefully all is well now?

  4. LOL @ Goodwill, haven't seen one of those since I've moved to this God forsaken town I'm in.

    Glad things worked out for you. If you can post and get into OS with no problems you should be all set.
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