Memory suggestions for Asus P7P55D-E Pro board

I just need to RMA my 4GB of G.skill:

Now I want to overnight to myself another set of 4GB so I can run my PC while this is being replaced. Then once my other set has arrived, run 8GB.

Now I'm not really super knowledgable when it comes to picking RAM with all the different types, but keeping in mind the Mobo I'll be running and the complementary 4GB RAM, what would be a good suggestion?
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  1. What's your budget ? and do you want to OC ?
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  3. My budget is probably around $100.00 and I don't really plan to OC since I never really have, however if it's cost effective, having the option wouldn't hurt.
  4. jefe323, thank you for your suggestion. Taking a look at those now.

    Will these definitely be compatible with the other 4GB I have and the Mobo?
  5. not sure if they are compatible with the other ram, but they are compatible with your mobo
  6. If I got 4 of those sticks, would they all run fine together for 8GB then?
  7. yes, i have 4 myself
  8. Ok I might just RMA for a refund, and get those instead.
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