Sub 20ms Flat panels now appearing...

Along with that nice Hitachi CML174SXWB, I noticed that Video7 has the 'V7 L17MB' available with a similar 16ms response time. Rather ugly, but it does have speakers. Only downside, it only seems to have an Analog input :-(

This is what I've been waiting for, sub 20ms 17" Flat panels at consumer prices :-)))

Anyone noticed any others?

I'd prefer speakers and DVI...I'm never satisfied with what's available :-(

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  1. Planar announed the PX171M, 16ms with DVI, speakers and Pivot functions, expected release date is December 27.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief harwdare Engineer

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  2. Hey Jim, do you have any info as to whether any other manufacturers will release a new sub 20ms monitor around New Years time. Perhaps specifically Samsung, any info on them? I love there 191t, if only it'd be a bit faster. Thanks for any info. Looking forward to doing business.
  3. Nope sorry, the only one I heard of is the Planar PX171M


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  4. Ouch, 140º viewing angle. Come on, I wanna see some LCD's from Cornerstone- make a 18-19" w. FFD and 16ms response time and 170 degree viewing angle and I buy it!

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  5. GoSharks...thanks for that, I hope they appear in Europe. I'll be keeping a look out :)

    "If it's lost, it'll turn up, things always do"
    " I love it when a plan comes together!"
  6. Flame

    You show your ignorance of the market once again. Its not up to Cornerstone or any other monitor manufacture, it up to the panel manufacture’s and the technology that you want simply does not exsist yet.

    Like I said in my post on the CRT forum, dont hold your breath for FFD. In fact with the new 16ms panels FFD is not much use anyway.

    If I made one to your specs you couldnt afford it and you would still find something to complain about.

    Whats wrong with 140 degree viewing angles, I dont know about you but I sit straight on when I work on my monitor.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  7. It was a joke. And how do u know how much I can spend so I couldn't afford it? In terms of FFD, w/ 25ms panel, the response times for grays were in some cases really high, even w/ something 2x as fast (though 16ms is not), and especiall since it uses MVA, I would imagine grays aren't too great there either. As for 140 degree angle- as far as I recall you were the one who stated some time ago that one should buy lcd w/ at least 160 degree viewing angle. A 140 degree viewing angle is real bad for a 17 incher- I remember when I bought my TFT7020 it had a claimed 150/140 degree viewing angle and the top was darker than the bottom so I ended up tilting it in really wierd angles to make it not as bad, and still it was bad. I remember spending 30 minutes editing a pic b/c it looking dark at the top, and then realized it was cause of the damn lcd. Thus, I will never buy an LCD w/ 140 degree viewing angle again- it simply sucks.

    Kentucky: 15 million people, 5 last names....
  8. Hi I'm new to these forums but Ive read through most of them about the Hitachi CML174. What I really wanted to say is about the V7 LCD that you mentioned. It seems to have almost the same specs as the Hitachi but as you say lacks DVI connection. Also I have found that it is difficult to buy this LCD since it is so new and the brand is not so famous. The manufacturer seems to be German ( and I have problems getting it in the UK. One UK reseller quoted £390 inc. VAT and delivery. For this price I would rather buy the Hitachi one which many of you have spoken highly of.
  9. Flame

    You set false expectations in people’s minds about FFD technology in this forum. I have yet to see a commercially available monitor with FFD. Personally doubt that I ever will. If you can prove me wrong then I will apologize and you can finally purchase the LCD of your dreams.

    I would have expected to see announcements at last months Comdex show if they where right around the corner as you suggest. Did I miss them?

    You don’t even seem to realize how insulting your signature is to everyone in Kentucky, joke or not. You show your age.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  10. gosharks I purchased a Compaq TFT7020 last year and it has served me well, just not the best for games (not bad, but not CRT performance)
    I've been highly considering the Hitachi CML174. Would you say its a good time to buy this monitor? or should one wait for other brands, and more mature panels?
    BTW I think the TFT7020 is a rebadged Hitachi, and my 19 inch CRT is a Hitachi SuperScan Elite 751, so they seem to be a pretty good brand, any thoughts?

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  11. The panel that Hitachi uses is state of the art not certain what you mean by more mature panels. Planar and others have announced products using the same 16ms panel. The Planar unit will be out December 27. Should you wait, good question and only you can answer it. If it fits your budget and has the features you want go for it. The minute you purchase any electronic equipment it is already obsolete.

    jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  12. And why do you doubt. You claim to have sources at Nec/Mitsubishi- what are they saying? Last time I called tech support and sales for them, the idiot on the other end had no idea what I was talking about. As for my sig, why does it even concern you? If someone's personally insulted, they can tell me. I think people see it as a joke and that's all, not an insult.

    Kentucky: 15 million people, 5 last names....
  13. what I meant by "more mature" is other companies taking the same tech and improving it, or simply the manufacturing process improving. Think CPU stepping maturing, only with LCD screens :tongue:

    Gosh I'm such a nerd sometimes, but then again arn't we all. :smile:
  14. what is the deal with planar? I posted a question about it a while ago and no one ever answered me.....

    Those dogs can smell anything. That's why you gotta kick em in the throat!!!
  15. Flame

    Did you ever stop to think for one minute that maybe just maybe I’m from Kentucky, even though I live in California now. Even if I was not from Kentucky I still think your signature is offensive to the 15 million people who live there, joke or not.

    Read what the NEC/Mitsubishi (SDM) rep says about FFD technology in this thread. Here is his quote.

    “I just found out that we will be showing some 18" LCD TVs that are releasaed in Japan using this module in our suite at Comdex. I also found out that the reason no one is producing displays with FFD is the module cost is more than double then a comparable non-FFD module. Even if Arsians are willing to pay double for an LCD with that module most of the population is not. As much as I would like to see one NEC-Mitsubishi is a business and needs to derive profit from its products and an LCD with the FFD module is not likely to sell enough to be profitable.



    If you want to keep leading people to think that a technology or product is imminent, I suggest you post proof so that people can make informed decisions based on fact not hear say or rumor.


    I understand, the new 16MS panels are an example of maturing technology.

    Try again, Planar has always been very responsive to me.

    Jim Witkowski
    Chief Hardware Engineer

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  16. As posted in reply to a post in the crt section, here is the email I received from a representative at Envision Monitor:

    This product has not shipped yet due to panel shortage. We are working hard
    the panel supplier to get the panels need to produce it.

    Best regards,

    "If everything seems under control, you're just not going fast enough."
    - Mario Andretti
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