Windows XP will not recognize my printer plugged into USB port(Solved)

i have a HP officejet 5610 all in one printer, and i'm trying to hook it up to my computer Windows XP. i am putting it in a usb port and it's not detecting it.
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  1. Many printers need the drivers installed beforehand to be recognized!
  2. One day my HP OFFICEJET PRO K5400 Printer would not work with my WINDOWS 7 laptop.

    I tried a lot of the normal things like SYSTEM RESTORE and REMOVING PRINTER DRIVER AND REINSTALLING IT. Nothing worked. I even LOST my PRINTER PORT called "USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB)"


    1. Removed printer drivers. (Devices and Printers).

    2. UNINSTALLED all USB Controllers in DEVICE MANAGER .

    3. Shut down laptop computer.

    4. Unplugged USB devices from Laptop.

    5. Unplugged power cord.

    6. Removed battery from laptop.

    7. Let the computer sit for a few minutes.

    ( I let my computer sit around 30 minutes to more, this was so I did not have to do this again because I did not wait long enough)

    8. Install battery, plug power cord back in and START COMPUTER.

    9. Let computer finish reinstalling USB DRIVERS.

    10. Install USB DEVICES one at a time, making sure they all work.

    11. I installed my USB PRINTER last and then printed a email to test it.
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