Best brand for 3 way CFX?

I have been searching and searching and I always find Corsair. I planned on spending around 230 for the psu just to make sure I get the best.
I am building a computer and have for sure future plans with so I am building to make sure I meet the needs.
For one I will have 3 way CFX, my board actually allows quad but I am not sure the 5850 does quad.
I plan on getting the new Asus 5850 and I am getting just one when I purchase but I plan on having the other two by christmas.
I will be running tons of fans, at tops 4 dvd drives, and atleast one SDD, and one HDD, but will probably get 2 SDD and 3-4 HDD's by
the time its completly done. Then I am just getting th AMD 955 and the new MSI GD70, and lastly I will have 4 gigs of dominators, and will be 8 soon enough.

So I wasn't quite sure what the min. was on 3CFX cause when they say CFX I assume 2 cards. But there will be 3 of them
running my computer, and I wanted to make sure I got the best PSU I can get.
I figured I would need around 1000 watts and 6 6pin connectors, and pretty much most psu's with that many hookups has enough amps.
I would it to have the 80 certified so bronze, silver or gold!

Anyways thats what I have been looking for and I just wanted to know how much wattage this would all take and what brands you recommend.
I heard that: Corsair, PC power and cooling, silverstone, thermaltake, OCZ, seasonic, and several more so I just got overwhelmed
so if some one could recommend a enthusiats psu of 3CFX please post what psu you think would fit me
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  1. Alrighty. I would recommend an 850w-1000w power supply, with a minimum of bronze 80 plus.

    This one is a Corsair 950w TX (non modular), sells for $149.99 and has a $10 Mail in Rebate.
    78a on the 12v rail, very good reviews. This is enough for 3 way HD 5850 crossfire.

    If you want to pony up nearly another $100 for modular design, and 50w more.
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    ^5 +1 what AsAnAtheist said.

    Luckily the ATI radeon HD 5850 video cards are energy efficient. For a system with three of those cards figure on an 850 watt or greater power supply with six, 6 pin, PCI-e power connectors. The Corsair TX850 only comes with four PCI-e power connectors so I'd recommend bumping it up to the TX950 which comes with six, 6+2 pin, PCI-e power connectors.
  3. I found thee ST-1000-P from silverstone, I thought it would be a great buy for the money, it has the single rail, modular, 7 year warr., and its a silverstone.
    I was looking at the ST-1200 but it was sweet but more $.
    What do you think of the ST-1000-P!
  4. It has great ratings where ever I go, my first bet was corsair, till a buddie told me about thee Stiders. Yeah corsair is recommended everywhere as a good psu.
    I was looking at the 1000HX, the blue one, it was one of my first picks, but the ST was just a little cheaper.
    The only problem is, if the st-1000-p will stay instock!
  5. Salt-City_Slasher said:
    It has great ratings where ever I go, my first bet was corsair, till a buddie told me about thee Stiders. Yeah corsair is recommended everywhere as a good psu.
    I was looking at the 1000HX, the blue one, it was one of my first picks, but the ST was just a little cheaper.
    The only problem is, if the st-1000-p will stay instock!

    I don't recommend the Silverstone ST-1000 p for the amount of $$$ you have shelled out for your rig (Strider Plus 1000w, an Enhance OEM.):

    While it did perform very well, it did not surpass Corsair's (Channel Well OEM) quality. Your dealing with some really expensive equipment well over $900-$1000 in pure graphics cards, it would be a shame to loose any one of those due to a power supply blowing. With my rig I am using a Tuniq Potency 650w PSU for product testing purposes but I still have a Corsair TX750w standing by for backup.
  6. So you think I should get one of the Corsairs?
    Like the CORSAIR CMPSU-1000HX?
    I thought SilverStone was super HighEnd Psu and Corsair was HighEnd?
  7. 850 watts is more than enough for 3x5850s or 3x5870s.

    I would suggest one of these as there aren't many 1000+ watt units that can match their quality:

    Antec CP-850 (Only fits Antec P183/P193/1200 cases)
    Antec Signature SG-850
    Corsair 850HX (built on a higher quality platform than the 1000HX)
    Seasonic M12D-850
    XFX XPS-850 Black Edition
  8. What made you think Silverstone power supplies were super high end? The veterans here tend to go by competent technical reviws such as the one AsAnAtheust linked to.

    Silverstone, Coolermaster, and Thermaltake have some really great cases. The same cannot be said of their power supplies. They probably should have stuck with pc cases. Now that I think about it OCZ should have stuck to memory products.

    Logan the Huge is correct. A high quality 850 watt power supply can defintely power a pc system with three 5850 or 5870 video cards. Here's a link to the new Corsair HX850 Silver Certified psu he mentioned:

    It earned a silver certification for energy efficiency. It comes with six, 6+2 pin, PCI-e power connectors. It comes with a 7 year warranty.
  9. Well I was going to get the Utlra X4 1050, that was the first psu I wanted to get but then was getting more and more people saying corsair, or silverstone or pc power and supply. But I think the Ultra X4 is pretty sweet if I say so myself, has everything that I needed! Modular, Silver, Single Rail, and Lifetime Warr!
  10. Scratch the Ultra I just read the review from the link from up top and it didnt even meet its 80+silver!!! Shocking.
    I am going to read the reviews like the link up there, I think there is two corsairs that I need to look at first the CORSAIR CMPSU-850HX 850W, which you just showed me.
    Second CORSAIR TX Series CMPSU-950TX from ealier. Then there is the 1000 watt one, should I check the review on it too??
    The link up there is a bookmark now :) thnks
  11. It's very simple. The ATI 5000 series video cards are energy efficient. They do not require as much power as people think. A high quality 850 watt psu is more than sufficient. A 1,000 watt power supply is overkill. It would be different if you were going to buy power hungry cards and a low budget, low quality power supply of questionable performance and value.

    Corsair is a brand that has a reputation for high quality power supplies that consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are reliable, stable, and come with a 5 year warranty. The newer models such as the HX850 come with a 7 year warranty.
  12. Geez the HX850 was amazing!! The review on the Guru, wow it dosen't have a silver medal but it should, it hit 90.1%! I can totally see me putting it in my CM 692 case, and for the kicker its blue! I am going to read the others review also, but if there is more of this to come than I am excited.
    The ultra compared to the corsair after there reviews, the ultra should stop making psu's and just bank money of there patent, it looked like a dumb 14 year old saudered
    Yeah like you said I plan on getting the new Asus 5850 and just OCing them, but I was thinking about getting a 5870 cause I saw some benchs and it was creaming the everything as far fps go.
    IDK what do you guys think about Ocing a 5850 instead of a 5870, some say ya some say na. Its not really a cash factor just more of not spending were it dosnen't need to be spent kind of thing.
  13. Why does no one ever ask 'Why"/
  14. Yeah the Silverstones I have read so far are just normal as the next,
    I checked out the corsair HX1000 and it wasn't so bad, but I wouldn't get it over the HX 850, unless I really needed that much. I thought it was funny that the 1000 was SLI certified. I wonder Why they would do that??lol""
  15. silverstone has one excellent unit the st1500 if you wanna 3 CFX 5970 its the was to go
  16. So far I have been going through one after another, and the Corsair HX 850 is the best of the best! There were a few that were up there but not as good overall.
    The Antec sg850 did good but it only had connectors for 2 cards.
    Right now I plan on buying one of the corsairs.
    The HX 1000 did just as good as the 850 and got a 9.5 instead of a 9.6, so its safe to say I would buy either with out any regrets!!
    I am glad I posted something tonight cause I could of ended up with the ultra X4 thinking I had a good even normal psu.
  17. The only problem with the 850HX is that Corsair seems to be having some supply issues with it at the moment. I noticed this a few days ago when I saw that it was sold out at newegg and that they had jacked the price up by $20-$30. I checked nearly a dozen other online retailers and none of them had it in stock either. I just spot checked a few right now and that still seems to be the case. This is probably going to cost Corsair a lot of money if they can't get these units back into the retail channel soon.

    The Antec sg850 did good but it only had connectors for 2 cards.

    It's might not be not the most elegant solution but most high end video cards come with molex to pci-e adapters so that wouldn't be a problem from a power standpoint.
  18. obsidian86 said:
    silverstone has one excellent unit the st1500 if you wanna 3 CFX 5970 its the was to go

    Apart from the fact you can't 3-way the 5970 - they're already dual GPU cards and Quadfire is the highest you can go.

    Unless you're gonna have the 3rd 5970 as a stand-alone unit.
  19. yeah 18 monitor 2560x 1920 eyefinity
  20. obsidian86 said:
    yeah 18 monitor 2560x 1920 eyefinity

    Then get 4 5770 Eyefinity 5 cards for 1/3 the price lol
  21. LePhuronn said:
    Then get 4 5770 Eyefinity 5 cards for 1/3 the price lol

    use the change to get a gtx 295 for physx :lol:
  22. You can just wait and get the new 5870-6's they will have 6 screen capability.

    Yeah thee HX 850 is probably not going to be in stock when I order, so I plan getting the HX1000, it did just as good with the guru's tests, it might be a little more dough but hey its worth it. But if the 850 is in stock when I order I will definetly get it.

    I thought about quad a 5850 or 5870, the board I am going to use has enough space, but my case only has 7 slot, so the bottom's connections woudl be in the way. I dont plan on having 3 way till around Christmas so by then I should come in handy, cause there is no need to get three now.
    I am going to check a few more psu's but the sg850 was odd shaped, and I think it only fits in the antec's like the 1200(which was one of the cases I wanted)
    But Corsair is hands down efficent dependable, and worth your cash.
  23. the sg is a standard atx shape the weird bigger one is the cp series
  24. Oh yeah thats the one that was on the Guru, and for 109 dollars it scored up with the Corsair 850. The 850 is the single most amazing accomplishment by man. So to score up in the leagues with it, is impressive. But thats if you getting the antec 1200, which is actually a really good reason to go with it, I have been thinking about changing cases even after I fell in love with the CM 692 advanced.
    I wish it were to weekend cause I am going to have a field day, of reading specs, reviews, as most of all PICS & VIDEOS of all the new goodies that I want and can't have(right now). So hopefully the week flys by like nothing happened, so this weekend shiz is going down my friend, and my one wish is to drop prices on everything, and make all the new parts not to expensive.
  25. it fits the antec 1200/p183 and p193 cases

    im currently considering the p193 case with the cp1000
  26. I was pondering the idea also, I can't find any combination cheaper than that, that is still enthusiast level. The 1200 once was a candidate, and the CM 692 adv. won over several ranging up to the cm 840. Right now with the rebate on the Corsair 1000, if I were to get the cm 690 with it, it would only be 5$ more than the Antec 1200 w/ the cp-1000. So normally the antec setup would be 25 cheaper.
    So the antec setup is definitely a steal of a price, considering what you get.
    I am going to open back up the candidacy for my perfect case, cause of the new evidence.
  27. CM 690 ll Advanced w/Corsair HX 1000(335$) vs. Antec 1200 w/Antec CP-1000(310$)
    Which will it be, cause that isn't including the rebate on the HX1000. If I were to buy fans to fill the Cm690 it would cost about the same as the 1200 which comes with pretty much all its fans. But I like to have my options, thats why the 690 won in the first place, I could setup 2 240mm radiators if I wanted to.
    But I will go back and find some more reviews about them, and see if the antec setup is worth it.
  28. the 1200 has more fans and is almost 2" deeper then the 690
  29. Are you sure I know the 690 ll has 10-11 if you do it right.
    The antec I will have to take another gander.
    I want to get a case that is has supreme air cooling, and tons of room for small mods,
    and room for me to rig up more fans.
    Thats why the 690 was so sweet, but then I think I would lose one of the fans at the bottom with that long corsair 1000, ill have to check measuremetns on that before I choose.
  30. You know on mother board plates where the retention holes are for cable management. On some cases these holes have like a black rubber piece that goes around the edges, I was wondering if they sold kits of those to install on computers, do they sell such a thing??
  31. The 1200 only has 8/9 fans, 3 front 1, behind on of them, 1 side, 2 back, 1or2 top.

    The 690 has 1 front, 2 bottom,1 back, 1 vga bracket, 2 side, 1 side, 2 top. and thats without the hd cage fan which you could mount even if you did take out the bottom half, it would only screw the top two holes but hey that would work for me.
    Plus it comes with a side pci slot which would be perfect for a pci slot fans to blow air through the cards, on top of the side 80mm bracket fan.
    I just can't believe they are selling it for 100$, to me its just as good as any case up to 200 dollars and beyond. Plus the antec dosen't seem to have enough space for cable mangement, then you got all those harddrives sticking out the back instead of to the side. But you could rig up some crazy air tunnels with those cages if you weren't to use one. and the controllers are a plus and I would prefer getting a mounted one with temp. read outs.
  32. does it have fan filters
  33. The whole front does the sides don't. the bottom psu does, and the bottom fans do.
    the back I don't think it does( but you wont nee one) , the top has it optional just like the psu, just in case you want it to be an intake or exhaust. So just the side intakes don't. I think the reason I like it, is cause I get to choose what fans what controller and what not. With the 1200 there kinda pre set, with room to upgrade, which is nice cause you already got the fans and contollers, but I rather go and pick out my fans and save the money on the case.
  34. Yeah the antec only has about .25 inch between the back of the mobo tray and the side panel, which gives you limited amount of space. The one I liked though was it covered the enitre case so from one side you can't see the other, so all you do is run all your cords back there and no one can see but thats if you can fit them, lol.
    The 692 from what I watched a heafty guy was able to put his fingers between the mobo tray and panel and move em a little so I am est.n' around the 1/2 inch mark which is a lot.
    When going through the cases I go and watch random clips of people showing off there case even doing documentary of there build, so you get an idea what it will be like to build with certain cases. I am checking out one with the antec and it was going good until the back area has limited him.
    Fast Forward to about the 4 minute mark.
  36. Hey I was checking to see what new AM3 MoBos that are set to come out with the hexys. I could only find a couple the MSI 890FX-GD70 being my favorite.
    But what new board are coming out that support 3 way CFX?
  37. I don't know why buy for some reason I like cheaper cases. I just checked out the CM scout and I thought it was hella bad azz, esp. for 80 bucks. If I was going to a lot of lan partys I would get it for sure. I am also going to look into the sniper. I am wondering if they CM plans to release any new "cheap" MoBos anytime soon
  38. Salt-City_Slasher - GEEZ! Your original post was a question about a suitable power supply. Your bouncing around all over the place. Looks like you've lost focus. In your last post you asked about CM plans to release a new cheap motherboard. CM does not have any motherboards. See what I mean.
  39. my bad I think I meant for some on a different one, my bad.
    I was looking at to many different things today.
    I should take a brake until this weekend lol.
    I have mapped out a good setup so far,
    with the HX 850 being locked unless they don't have then I can either get the the HX 750 or 1000, the 1000 seems a little long and would block a bottom fan on the case.
    quickly here are parts that I took some time planning:
    Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
    AMD Phenom X4 955 (probably won't get a thuban)
    MoBo is still up for grabs, but the msi GD70 is the way I am leaning
    Baracude 7200.12 1 tb, and kingston SDD 64 0r 32
    basic 30$ dvd
    CM 692 Advanced
    Corsair Dominator 4gb 12800 1333( I chose the best ones off corsairs that matched with the MSI board.)
    windows 7 home 64 bit
    and I really like the Asus 5850 the newer one, but gona wait and see.
    Yeah I am glad I did this post cause I got really good info, and found a good site to check for psu's.
  40. the ultimate 890 board yeah im gonna get one
  41. That is a pretty sweet board, I heard some good things about the old crosshire 3.
    There is a good line up of new AM3 boards with the 890 chip its going to be hard to choose. Even the older version would still be good after the come out, they just won't be future proof like the new sets. That is the only reason I want to get one, well usb 3.0 and Sata 3 is a kicker. I don't know if the new thubans are around the same price as the 965/955 range I will probably get one, its another one of those future proof things, hey you never know Crysis 4 and Farcry 4 you might need 6 cores and 3 5870/5850's to run them! lol I am just saying you never know so
    room to expand is definetly a plus, I think 3 5850's is plenty now but in a year it might become closer to acceptable.
  42. the thubans seem likely to be in 2 flavors $200 and $300 versions
  43. obsidian86 said:
    the thubans seem likely to be in 2 flavors $200 and $300 versions

    I think this is a list of the first wave of them to come. The Hexcore 90 and 75 are the top dogs, and the 975 are amoung the greats
    to come out. I heard some talk about the 975 just being another 955 being super clocked out by amd and won't go any futher
    than a 955 will go. But it and the 965s that out now, are all 140 watt so there pumping out more power.
    I for one can't wait for amd to reveil their stuff, like the new 5870-6's, I hope that CM comes out with a case
    that is a mix with all the 692 adv. parts mixed with a Sniper, and put into a full tower, that has some features from the 840.
    But I seem to dream to much
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