Pc runs fine, when I try to run a game even a simple one cpu is 100% and game wi

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  1. what is your processor pentium 3
  2. Yes, hello

    Type your question in the content box, not heading, and give us some more details to work with, like what game you are trying to play, your system specs and windows version!

    Thousands of different pieces of hardware, hundreds of thousands of different games and millions of lines of OS code means that it would just be a guess based on the information you have given!
  3. Like moricon said, Yes, hello.

    Guess 1: Your motherboard has damaged your cpu and now you can only utilize 1 core.

    Guess 2: The game that you're trying to play isn't multi-threaded.

    It could be anything, so give us some more info.
  4. :hello:
    :pfff: :ange: :non: :D ;) :( :) :p X6!
    :pfff: :lol: :non: :pt1cable: .
    Get it?
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