5970 vs 295 GTX

I'm going for a AMD quad 965 but I can't realy deside what graphic card I'm going to chose.
I'm also going for 4x1 GB 1333 Mhz ram.
But what's best with this combo, for maximum gaming.
OBS. Going with an mATX case.

Asus ATI 5970?
XFX 295 GTX?
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  1. 4x1GB?
    965? No oc?
    5970/295 = probably overkill

    On what resolution are you gaming?
  2. 1080p.
    OC in a mATX case? yea, then I can turn of the heat in the apartment and live on the heat from the computer case -.-
  3. wrong memories btw -.-
    Kit w/4x 2GB XMS3 modules, CL7-7-7-20, for AMD Phenom II
  4. 5970 is the best card out now. But you need to overclock your cpu to 3.5ghz+ to fully utilize the cards power.
  5. well, that shouldn't be a problem since the AMD 965 is on 3.4 ghz :)
    So it can't get that much warmer ?
  6. ^ It shouldn't get much warmer providing you have good air flow. Try to push to 3.8ghz-4.2ghz if you can.
  7. Oh, should've read properly.
    A 965 and a 5970 in a mATX case? :D Does it actually fit?
  8. ^ Oh snap i didn't see that. Good luck fitting the 5970 in a small case.
  9. yes, it fits, according to the company who created it.
  10. but okay, relized that it would be too much heat so i chose HAF 922 instead with a 850 Watts PSU and coolermasters V10.
    Good setup for OC?
  11. Drop the coolermaster v10 and get the Sunbeam Core Contact Freezer, Thermalright Ultra 120, or Xigmatek HDT-s1283 or -s1284.

    Then, yes you can overclock like hell.
  12. the 5970 is 12.25 inches, isnt that bigger than a mATX case lol.
  13. The asus version says 11.5 or something ;s
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