Hard drive reconnecting at random

So far I've had this happen three times, where my Samsung Spinpoint F1 will just randomly be re detected by Windows, as if it stopped responding or something. Thing is, the drive is performing fine and I never actually notice it "disconnect" if it is at all. I walked away and came back to Windows Autoplay acting like I just connected the hard drive and asking what I want to do with it. My power plan doesn't allow it to turn off, so what's the deal here? Smart is fine for all that means.
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    A intermittent cable or connector issue will cause this type of problem. Re-seat both ends of the power and data cables. If the problem persists then try replacing the cables.
  2. Alright, I'll change the cable. If it happens again, should I assume the drive is having some sort of internal problems?
  3. Problems with the drive itself usually result in errors, not disconnections - so I'd be a bit surprised if that was the issue.
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