I think my 4870X2 is dying

My Gigabyte Radeon 4870x2 has served me well for over a year now but a few weeks back a rash of green pixels appeared all over the screen, this was followed by flickering groups of pixels and jagged artefacts on 3D models, coupled with frequent lockups, BSODs and CTDs of course. The problem has gradually progressed from mildly annoying to completely unusable. This is without any overclock and with the latest drivers.

My research leads me to believe that the most likely cause is bad graphics memory. The upside is that it looks like the card is still under warranty, however, sending it back leaves me without a working PC for several weeks.

So maybe I buy a new card before I send this one back, then maybe I can sell the replacement to help pay towards the upgrade.

The question is what card to get, the 5870 seems like a decent bet as i could get another one to crossfire later down the line when i rebuild my system.

On the other hand I'm not too happy with ATi as of late due to my currently dying card and some previous driver hiccups, with the availability of the 5870's really pushing the price up, the GTX 295 is an option.


Is the most likely explanation that my 4870x2 is dying?

Radeon 5870 or the GTX 295 ?
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  1. The only other thing it can be is heat! Have you cleaned the heat sink on the card, it is amazing how much a little bit of dust and lint can affect temperature.
  2. I think your research is correct. It does sound like your GPU has seen better days. From your description here, I would say that's the case.

    One of the other things you need to watch out for is overheating. Heat can kill -- literally. Heat is the enemy :fou:

    I also see people putting in cards that have no business being paired with their crappy or low wattage power supply units. So always check your wattage on your PSU and GPU.

    As for which card -- If it was me I would take the 5870. Hands down. Well, maybe not exactly hands down, but that 295 is way damn hot (watts), plus the 5870 is at least $100 cheaper. Enough said.

    [edit]: Check out these video comparisons between the 5870 and the 295:



    Good luck to you! I know how frustrating computer problems can be :)

  3. Overheating did cross my mind, this card always did run really really hot, I took the card out but it didnt seem that dusty, but there is no way I can properly see or clean it without removing the cooler from it, and if I do that then I can forget about the warranty :(
  4. Quote:
    Have you cleaned the heat sink on the card, it is amazing how much a little bit of dust and lint can affect temperature.

    Awhile back I had one of my old Geforce 6800 Ultra die from dust accumulation. Never again *sniff*

    Don't underestimate what a good cleaning will do for your tower.
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