Patriot Wildfire vs Crucial M4 (~120GB) Which should I get?

I can't decide between the two drives. With the mail-in rebate, the Patriot is the less expensive out of the two but still. I'm not sure if I want to risk the performance of the Sandforce chipset since it's apparently not as reliable as the crucial SSDs.

I do some gaming and I've seen that the Wildfire performs better than the M4, but is the performance difference really worth the risk in reliability and stability?

I guess in the end I'll have to answer that question for myself but I'd love to hear any advice any of you out there have to give :)

Also my mobo is: Gigabyte 880GMA-UD2H which uses the AMD SB850 chipset if that matters. I've seen most of these drives tested on intel machines with the Z68 chipset so I'm not sure if that will affect anything.
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  1. The reality is that you're not going to notice the difference in speed. The Pyro probably benchmarks a little faster but it's not anything that shows up in real applications. Between those two I'd go with the M4 for sure. Sandforce claims to have fixed some of their problems with a firmware update but to me it's still not worth the risk.

    Given the choice between any SSD on the market I used to say the Crucial M4 but I have recently started recommending the Corsair Samsung 830 by a hair. They're very close, though.

    EDIT: Fixed a typo as pointed out by armand_h
  2. Hi danraies! Do you actually mean samsung 830 or corsair performance pro? ))

    M4,samsung 830 and corsair performance pro are most reliable SSD's that you can buy! ;)

    sandforce SSD's are risky! :)
  3. Why risky?
  4. because of sandforce 22xx controller problem! they are Unstable! :)
  5. Haha, I meant the the samsung 830. I have fixed it in my last post.

    I've had debates in this forum recently with people who are convinced that sandforce has solved its controller problems with its latest firmware. They have not yet convinced me, but its worth mentioning.

    The samsung 830 and the crucial M4 are the fan favorites at this point - they seem to get the most informed recommendations around here. armand_h has not yet sold me on the idea that the corsair performance pro belongs in that league, but I'm coming around.
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