Over/under clocking Corsair XMS3

Hi everyone,
I am looking for a memory kit that will be good for me to learn with - I would like it to have ample headroom for overclocking (without much voltage increase, dont want to go over 1.67) but also some room for decreasing latency, preferably without having to destroy the clock speed. XMP/ECC are not important since I would like to learn, but would be nice to compare with my tweaks. Right now I am looking at this one due to the rebate:
Does anyone have any experience with this product or have suggestions for others that may suit my needs?
Thanks in advance!
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  1. Why do you want to do that.? Its not recommended as it might fail your rig to boot up.. And its not required also..
  2. Its not that I want to underclock it, its that I want to decrease the timings and may need to underclock if I increase the DIMM voltage enough to do that. Am I miss-understanding something here?
  3. Ok for whatever i understand, you wish to run those memory modules at tighter timings.. If that's the case, it can be done.. But it has to be done with caution and with the right motherboard.. You'll need to decrease the frequency of the modules and then decrease the timing (easier said than done).. Take a step by step approach and be patient as anytime (may be multiple times) there may be need arising to reset the BIOS.. The memory modules you've listed run at 1.65V.. Try maximum possible at default voltage settings and increase (if required) in minute steps..
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