ASUS P7P55D Deluxe or ASUS SABERTOOTH 55i - same price

I'm looking for a P55 motherboard for i7, preferably Asus.

There are two motherboards offered for $140 after rebates.


I'm not understanding which one is better. The latter having so little reviews.

There is also an -EVO for $114 after rebate, but I read that I can't hook up the audio to a case with the controller at the top of the case. Would have been a nice price tho.

Can some expert please advise me?

Thank you!

Edit: some more info....

I don't plan to SLI, since the 1156 is crippled anyway. Just looking to build a budget-performance system.

I also don't need USB 3 support since it's so new and there aren't even reasonably priced/sized cases that have a USB3 port.
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  1. i'd go with the p7p55d

    sidenote: i really like the color scheme on the sabertooth
  2. Can you please explain why.

    I see that both have little differences.

    The Sabre has eSATA (I probably won't use) and SLI support (99% sure won't use).

    The Deluxe has things like MemOK which I guess helps if your RAM isn't good.

    The color does look cool, but I was thinking that the black would cause more heat.

    I read somewhere the Sabre cost $500 when it was first introduced, but that makes me worry why it's all the way down to $140 now.
  3. the p7p55d deluxe also has sli/crossfire support and sata ports (can connect to eSATA)

    it's also much more well known and is one of the best p55 mobos out for the price

    here are reviews for each:
    p7p55d deluxe:
    sabertooth 55i:
  4. Thanks for the help and links.

    I guess I'll go with the popular one, so if some update is needed in the future I'm sure Asus will support it.

    And the review shows no con whatsoever with P7P55D.
  5. 8 months ago the Deluxe was about the best 1156 mobo ASUS sold.
    Just about bought it but got a Gigabyte P55-UD5 instead it was $20 cheaper.
    Just add an ASUS U3S6 when those features are mainstream.
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