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I have just finished building my new pc, it is my first ever build. I installed all of the components, except for the optical drive. I then booted up my PC, and I heard my motherboard beep once. Everything seemed to be working, but when I looked at the power LED on the front of the case it was red. I didn't have a monitor connected, and my case is the CM Storm Scout. Is this normal on the first boot?
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  1. I might have had a similar problem with my first build. My CPU_LED light when red on first boot. I heard power and fans and such but no POST to monitor. Turns out I didnt plug in the EATX12V connection for CPU. It's either a 8-pin or 4-pin connector from your PSU that goes to a plug on the edge on the board near your CPU. It might have a black cover covering 4 of the 8pins.

    Otherwise... did your hear any beeps? (Does your board support a speaker and if so is it connected?)
    Check memory if its seated securely and also in the right slots.
    Try with one stick of RAM in every slot if you have to.
    A monitor connected would also help with troubleshooting to rule out other things.
  2. This sounds like a normal boot to me. Most motherboards have a LED to show that the motherboard is getting power, that is a good thing.

    Connect your monitor and CD drive, load the operating system, and you should be good to go. Good luck.
  3. Yeh I heard a short beep on my mobo, and I read the manual which says that its meant to do that. I also looked at some CM Scout 1st boot vids on youtube nd they all seemed to have a red power LED so I think I'm fine. Thanks for your responses.
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