Accidentally quick formatted HDD have a few questions about recovery

I have a 2 TB drive with about 700GB of data on it. I went to format a USB drive with diskpart and like an idiot, didnt bother to use list disk before selecting disk one...all the while forgetting that I had my 2 TB external drive plugged in, and here I am. I am running the getdataback program now, it looks like its gonna take about 12 more hours to finish. From what I understand, if getdataback can recover my files, I need another HDD of equal size to transfer the data to? this is a problem for me as I dont have a drive even nearly as big as that one, and of course the price of HDD's have skyrocketed (go figure). Since I have used less than half of the drives available space, is there any way to create a second partition and transfer the data to that? does anyone have any other info or advice for me?

BTW I know there is typically a help section for posts such as this so I apologize in advance if I am posting in the wrong section, I could not find such a section...
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  1. just thought of another idea...would there be a way to transfer the data to my computer a little at a time and compress the crap out of it to make it fit? I have 100 Gigs to work with....
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