How to setup emachine to hp8600 printer

I'm trying to get my emachine set so I can print from my hp8600 printer but it's not allowing to to. I've tried to download the driver from hp but it's not allowing me to do that either. MY COMPUTER IS ABOUT 6 YRS. OLD. Can you help me?
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  1. Download the new driver from the HP website.
    Turn off antivirus and firewall.
    Load the new drivers.
    Restart the computer and turn the security back ON.
    The antivirus and firewall BLOCK the driver from installing.

    Click start, control panel, printers and faxes.
    MAKE SURE that your new printer is selected as the default printer.
  2. What exactly is "not allowing you to"? Need details like how you tried to install/download, error messages, etc...
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