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Hello everyone. just a quick question:

which radiator provides better cooling if I were to use the same fans and fan speeds on them

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  1. 420, simply because you have more rad space.
  2. Thats what I was thinking as well but isint the 420 designed to be quiet while the 240 is designed with performance in mind? or am I just overthinking it?
  3. The 420 will provide better cooling all the way to 2750RPM on the fan speed after that the 240 will continue to provide cooling potential as the fan speed rises but even at 4000RPM I do not think that the 240 will out preform the 480 at 2750RPM but I do not know for shore

    what type of fans are you looking at?
  4. To be honest fans are the one area I have done little research into. I read though that Yate Loon fans are very good for the price. Any suggestions for fans?
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    Well for me price is the driving factor for fans that I have bought but without considering price I still like the corsair SP series for radiators and the AF series for the case fans. There are better fans out there but at $30+ for each, delta fans are the best but I cannot justify them at that price any more. I have bought them and their performance is high but the price is what gets me the corsair fans are about $16 each and that is acceptable to me.
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  7. thanks for the BA mimi
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