Computer crashes. graphics card overheat?

as i said my computer seems to crash due to the GPU overheating. it only happens when running fullscreen programs, and demanding ones at that (i.e. high spec games) the computer will turn off and not turn on till switched off at plug, unplugged at back, plugged back in and switched back on. then it will boot again. card is hot to touch after this (maybe 60-70 degrees celsius)
i wanted to know if a) as i suspect its the overheating that causes the crash
and b) what can i do? i was looking at putting a new fan in for the card. i also wondered if it could be a lack of power to the card. my PSU is useless and old and needs upgrading anyway. i didn't have this problem when using old 600W PSU
items are:
ATI radeon hd 3870 512MB GDDR4
WIN-POWER ATX-450 (400W)
so, is it the graphics card overheating? should i buy cooling or give up and buy a better card, and what in each case? and how soon should i upgrade PSU and again, any ideas?
thanks. any advice appreciated :)
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  1. I think you should replace the power supply first, 500W or 600W (depending on what you want your options to be when upgrading graphics card) from OCZ, Antec, Corsair, Coolermaster, Thermaltake, Silverstone, Seasonic, BFG should do. Because you could then rule out the PSU as the problem and if it is a problem with the card you can then get a nice card in the future and be confident that it could handle it.
    As far as I know Win-Power isn't a reliable PSU maker, so in my estimation it's unlikely that it could deliver 400W, and you're likely to be using close to or over 200W when under load.
  2. okay i was thinking of a 5770 and a corsair TX 650W. thanks a lot for your help
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