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i build a computer a couple months ago, and it's been functioning pretty well. i have windows 7 professional on the machine. today, i tried to install ubuntu 9.10, and before install, i figured for fun i'd run the memtest86+ test.

i got over 10000 errors. they come from seemingly random addresses. how worried should i be about this problem? i haven't noticed any major instability, and i've been using this computer to play cpu/ram intensive games, number crunching on matlab, etc. i've also tried running prime95 when i first build the thing, with no major errors.

any suggestions? i would have to buy new ram sticks. by the way, i have a corsair ddr3 1333 ram.
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  1. That's alot of errors imo.I'd rma it.
    I had 1 bad module in my rig out of 4 and it memtested with only 2500 errors.
    It caused daily bsod's and countless stability issues.
    Corsair replaced it no problem.
    3 week turnaround and i live in Canada.
    I have no ill regard for Corsair it happens to all manufacturers.
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