System keeps Restarting

K so i just setted up my ECS KA3 Mvp motherboard
i put a hard drive with an os that came from my last computer
I know im suppose to reformat it since on new mobo but its not letting me boot from disk even if i set it on priority or go to boot screen and choose cdrom. Now im stuck with the system that keeps restarting after windows logo screen making only safemode possible into the harddrive
whats wrong?
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  1. Yourself said, you new mobo and old mobo don't have the same drivers. The safe mode is possible 'cause only load the basic drivers and services.
  2. k so how to fix?
  3. Borrow a CD/DVD drive to a friend, and format your PC, this install the correct drivers for your new mobo and the restarting problem must be solve.
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