I have an old Dell desktop and it is running slow

I ran a scan on a site called WinZip which was supposed to clean registry errors. It told me I had 563 registry errors. But I read some reviews on WinZip an decided not to by it. How can I tell if I really have registry errors and if I do how do I fix them? Is this something I can do myself or do I have to buy a registry cleaner?
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  1. The only winzip I know of is for file compresseion. I don't put much stock in in registry cleaners. Most seem to be a scam or contain malware. The only one's I'd consider is Ccleaner and even with this one you have to be careful when making changes to the registry. One wrong change can make your whole computer useless.

  2. CCleaner always asks if you want to backup "junk" registry keys before deleting them. It's best to do so if you are unsure what you are doing. I never backup, but that's just me.
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