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Last year I ran an HDMI cable from my Toshiba laptop (Windows 7) to my TV. The quality was good. I just tried to do it again and the sound is garbled, the picture is distorted with ghostly images. On the laptop, the picture is perfect, on the TV horrible. I bought a new HDMI cable with the same results. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Maybe there's a dead spider in the HDMI socket on the TV. Can you use a different socket? Can you try a different TV with the laptop?
  2. Andy2008, thanks,
    You were the only one to respond, and offered various remedies I had not checked.
    OK, no spider. Check.
    Different socket? I thought there was only one - on the side where I plugged in. Then I found two more on the back. I should have known since the input I use is called HDMI3. I plugged into HDMI1 on the back and the picture was perfect. Wow! Thanks again for taking the time to help a total stranger - a true kindness.
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  4. mingtm6 said:
    Andy2008, thanks

    You're welcome :)
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