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I need to buy a computer for my mom who mainly web surfs, checks email, and uses open office. I was thinking of a system from Dell with the Sempron 2.7Ghz processor.

My question is it worth getting a barebones system for 269 that includes 2 gigs of ddr3 ram and integrated ATI graphics 4200 (I think)which runs Vista, or should I go for a AMD athlon x 240 dual core and 4 gigs of Ram for 399 with Windows 7?

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  1. I really would go with the Athlon X2 and increased ram, I couldn't imagine using a single core for even simple tasks these days.
  2. The sempron will work fine for most tasks except gaming or heavy video encoding. The $399 system should work fine; but I would hold out for this price with monitor. Now isn't a good time to buy. If you have a frys electronics, they have their one day anniversary sale in mid May, and I got my pc for $199 there.
  3. Thanks.
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