Anyone have this new version of the card?

Can you tell me what is improved compared to this:

One buddy of mine has the second version,very dissapointed as it comes with elpida memory very bad at overclock and npc voltage controller instead of chill.

So if someone actually have the dual-x version,the one in the first link and can give me more info i would gladly appreciate
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  1. Well from comparing those two links, they are different physical sizes (just by a little) and have different video outputs.

    The one with two mini dp has the second slot free from obstruction whereas the one with two dvi is blocking part of the second slot exhaust.
  2. yes,that's what i noticed.However i can't find any review of the new dual-x version on the web,main concern is what memory is uses(hynic or elpida) and voltage controller chill or npc...?
  3. viejo yo la tengo y es excelente, las mejores temperaturas que he visto en una hd 7850 y eso que yo pase de una msi hd 7850 twing frorz iii
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