Overclok Zotac GTX 680 Amp! edition

I recently bought a GTX 680 amp edition card by Zotac, and i've read on other forums that this card is a killer. (amp is a overclocked version)

But im wondering about my core clock .
it is supposed to be at 1100 MHz, but when i open MSI afterburner, it stands on 705mhz. Is it safe to turn that up to atleast 1050mhz ?

Also the Memory clock is supposed to be at 6600mhz, but it stands on 3304mhz.

Is it recommended/safe to turn these two up for best gaming performance ?
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  1. 3300MHZ!?!? 6600MHz should show up more like 1650MHz

    try bumping it up to 1100MHz core, it should be stable if that's what it's intended to run at

    also, remember that the 1100MHz core is probably a boost clock, and you cant adjust the base clock on kepler (6**) cards
  2. okey. will try it out, but what about te memory clock ? should i also boost that up to what it's supposed to be ? (6,6ghz)
  3. if it's supposed to be 6.6GHz effective, then it should be 1/4th of that in afterburner, or 1650MHz
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