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Problem: I have a yellow exclamation mark next to my raid controller in the device manager, link below

AMD Athlon 3200+
K8V Asus Motherboard
Western Digital Raptor 150gig 10k rpm
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
ATI Radeon 9800pro

Question: Im not sure which drivers to use, nor where to get it. Please help.
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  1. is there actually anything going wrong with the system? i found drivers for RAID support on mobo manufacturers website
  2. I haven't experienced any major problems as of yet. Although I did get some blue screen a few seconds ago, some page_Fault error or something which I highly doubt has anything to do with that. I dunno, I just noticed that and figured something was wrong, or could go wrong with some driver missing.
  3. i ended up giving up on my RAID due to blue screen errors. they are very difficult to set up in my experience. i didn't really know what i was doing so it failed. you did install a raid controller during windows installation right?
  4. No, it didn't ask for one. The weird thing is that my hard drive is not a scsi drive at all. Its a Western Digital SATA 150gig 10,000 rpm drive. Not real sure why it device manager would show my hdd as a SCSI disk device in the first place.
  5. i have no idea about the SCSI showing up, but for my RAID 0 i had to set up the array during bios, then install drivers during windows installation which, as far as im aware, is how all hardware RAID controllers work.
    read 'configure your adaptor in bios' and 'Install the Adapter in Windows' as well as your mobo manual to see how to set up the array and its drivers
    this one also might help as the guy is doing something v. similar to you. i think this is the driver your looking for
    let me know if that helps.
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