Antec 1200 Case Optional Side Fan questions

So I just got the antec tri cool 120 side fan for my case and had a few questions about installing it.

I'm installing it on an Antec 1200 with an EVGA x58 SLI mobo.

1. Where do you put the 3 speed fan control switch that is attached and dangles from it?
2. Is there a program that can control the fan's speed? If so what speed should the 3 speed fan control be left on to when using the mobo to control the speed?
3. What should be set in the bios "PC Health" section for this fan to work properly and be controled properly?

Thanks for any input
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  1. 1) Where do you want to put it? Fans are either 3-pin and controlled by the mobo, or 4-pin and powered straight from the PSU.


    3) What are the options? Try them out!
  2. Depends on what fan your bought. The OEM case fans are provided with 3 wires but one goes only to the switch. Controlling them via MoBo or via a fan controller is simply not possible. I confirmed this with Antec Tech Support after trying unsuccesfully to find a workaround.

    As for the optional fans, which ones did you buy ? What they are capable of obviously depends on which ones you bought. If you bought this fan

    I can say definitively that you can control it via a fan controller. The R2E which this build contains has three chassis fans and thee optional fans w/ heat sensors (each fan rated at 2 amps) but I have not tried it on the MoBo's these fan headers.
  3. Thanks for the quick responses.

    I did buy this fan and want to install it on the side of the case. Seems pretty easy as it just snaps in. I'm going to plug the 3 pin power adapter into the x58 mobo right under the main mobo 24 pin power plug. I can see that speedfan sees the fan so I guess the mobo sees it too. So basically I guess I'm wondering....

    1. Where is the best place to put the 3 speed fan control switch that is attached and dangles from the fan. A)Does the antec 1200 case have a place to mount this switch or B)do you have to open the case every time you want to change the fan speed?

    2. If the situation is B then how can you control the fan speed with software and what should the 3 position switch be left on in this situation? low,med,or high
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