Windows 7 says i need to format usb flash drive

This is a strange one, if I plug in my usb flashdrive into my windows 7/64 laptop and bootup, it finds it ok and I can read and write to it no pproblem. If however i remove it and then replace it whilst still on, it tells me that the disk needs to be formatted. If I do format it says - Can't format. If I take this flashdrive to any other PC including an identical spec windows 7/64 machine then it works with no issue. I've tried deleting drivers etc to no avail.

Anybody got any ideas....
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  1. did eject the USB flash drive before removing it? or just unplug it?
  2. I have this same problem, except that one Win7 computer always tells me I need to format the thumb drive but it works in every other computer I plug it into. Anyone have any updates on this issue?
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