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Hy guys, i was gonna buy an i5 6gb 1333mhz ram and an gtx 260 1.8gb but the company i was gonna buy it with had a delay on my deliver and i think im gonna cancel it... i just saw an i7 with 4gb ram 1060htz and a ATI 5870 1GB but is 400 dollars more expensive and im thinking about buying it do you guys think its whorth it or should i save my 400 dollars ?
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  1. Depends what you're doing with you're computer. An i5 and an i7 aren't going to be very much different if at all when handling games. If the processor is very important to you, and you are into all that heavy multitasking and video editing then the i7 might pull off better. The one you have on order is a better deal, as far as I see it's like this...

    i5 vs i7 - $90 price difference (Depending on model, I'm comparing a i5 750 to a i7 920)
    260 vs 5870 - About a $200 difference
    Removing 2gb of higher speed ram - $-40

    So you're looking at what should be a $250 more system thats 400 bucks more. If you're going to game then the one you're going to get is the better deal, but if you really need the i7 then I'd consider looking at another system because that's really not a good deal..
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