What is the best 780i motherbord

Hello, Iam looking to get a neew board. I dont want to get a new cpu or mem. so I wanted to know what is the best 775 board with 780i chipst
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  1. Hello
    780i SLI motherboards are hard to find because they no longer are produced, however you still can find some 750i SLI models
  2. Best is probably by eVGA. But lot's of luck finding a new one.
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    Its good but you can get the same performance from a 750i SLI board and save some cash.
  4. Is there a diference other than $. All I can see is that the P5N-t has a extra sli slot.
  5. Aside from an extra PCI-E slot and a better cooling(on the 780i model),there aren't any major differences
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