If I Buy a low end Intel Board Lga 1156 socket like Intel BOXDP55WB, Intel BOXDH55HC,Intel BOXDH55TC etc. Can I overclock the i5 750, or do I need specific motherboards of msi or Gigabyte to do that.Also do these other mobo allow greater overclocking than intel ?
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  1. Download the motherboard manual first before ordering. Look for memory "ratios" in the ram settings section of the bios which will permit you to set the ram speed lower while running the cpu fsb higher, so the ram doesn't crash when overclocking. On my msi board, I used 240 fsb for the cpu, and 1:1.66 for the ram ratio, to get a 20% stable overclock without increasing the voltage.
  2. Low-end boards either have:
    1.) Some functionalities that would enable better overclocks, disabled. I.E. on my gigabyte board, the RAM timings.
    2.) Lower quality components, some of the parts may not have a high tolerance for high voltages or high clocks.

    Though you better check reviews and other forums on what options are enabled, and if you're lucky you'd see some OC results from other users.
  3. Quote:
    If I Buy a low end

    I stopped reading there considering the thread title.

    Simple answer No.

    Get a decent board or don't overclock, you'll either not get a stable OC or will just end up frying componants and spending more money overall than if you had got quality parts to begin with.
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