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Hey guys; first off I'm new to Tom's Hardware and posting in general. I was looking to really get into pc gaming-I've been an avid console gamer all my life, and never had the money to get into pc gaming. Now I'm 23 and finally looking to jump in; however being a father I don't have unlimited funds. My current computer is the 7805u laptop from gateway, and while I have enjoyed some gaming on it, I have decided it would be better to get a full fledged system with a would want to spend less than 2,000 on it, preferably around 1500-1700; which would include all the peripherals(monitor, keyboard etc. I don't care for a blu ray player as of yet, and will probably buy a reader later solely to watch movies on my ps3. I was looking at the new radeon 5000 cards, and an 17 920 cpu. I dont need a huge amount of storage, and since I've noticed there are smaller boot sdd's on sale for relatively cheap, I wouldnt mind having one to boot my os. Pretty much what it comes down is this- I'm not made of money but would be able to budget out more if necessary, and I just would want the most performance for the money. Thanks for the help and I truly appreciate any advice you guys could give me.
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  1. If you check this thread: and specifically the gamer build (in the second post) around the $1,100 budget point and just put in a Radeon 5870, then you will be well under $2000 and still have plenty to get monitor, keyboards, etc and have a very powerful and balanced gaming machine.
    Also read this post: to see if you can add any more information that we can work with.
  2. Thanks man I appreciate the help wont be doing the build for about a month so by then new fermi cards will be out for a comparison as well
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