Artifacts during gameplay - warranty?

Hello, I hope this is a good thread to post this.

I am having trouble with my PC when gaming - artifacts. See the picture:

This is a new computer I built 3 weeks ago. I am experiencing trouble when playing the MMORPG game Talisman Online (which I don´t think should be that challenging). Sooner or later a section an object or the whole screen starts blinking or the letters and the details get distorted or the whole screen gets violet dots or the major issues which you can see at the pictures. Most of the times I can continue playing - the PC is reacting. But recently the PC got frozen in these moments and it also froze when minimizing the game to taskbar or when shutting it down.

I recently got a Windows message: the graphic driver stopped to react.

I do have the latest driver installed - I have the ATI catalyst 9.12 which I suppose includes the driver.

Config: Win 7 HP 64, MB: Asus M4ATD V EVO (integrated Ati Radeon 4200), Athlon II X4 6200, DDR3 A-Data 2x2GB (1333).

The problems have been appearing during that gameplay from the very beginning (i.e. for a couple of weeks), just they were minor or seemed to improve for a while.

I had earlier done Prime95 for 15h - OK and MemoryTest86 for a similar time OK.

Could you pls post any ideas what I should do to fix it?
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  1. The times I've had those kinds of issues on a graphics card, it has been overheating that caused it. Once because a cable was caught in the fan preventing it from behing cooled.

    It's quite possible you just have a bad video card.
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