Help with finding and installing network/ethernet drivers

Ok, so to start off, this is the pc that I have:

Long story short, I needed a 32bit OS to run some programs that I needed to use so I tried to dualboot WinXP and Win7. Probably a retarded idea, but yeah. I've installed WinXP perfectly fine but I can't access the internet. I didn't realize I was going to need to have the ethernet drivers:/. I have tried to figure out through the device manager what drivers I needed, but there is a big yellow ? next to "Ethernet Controller." I have two PC's and I have an external harddrive, so as long as I know what I need I can get it onto my good PC.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. What does the device manager in Windows 7 say it is? That should give you a start on where to look. However, it might simply be easier to install XP into a VM for those specific programs that will not work otherwise.
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