Moving 2 Graphics Cards Between Motherboards

I want to move two nVidia GEForce 7600GS graphics cards from an ASUS P5ND motherboard to an ASRock ConRoeXFire-eSATAII motherboard. The card and board configurations require that the cards be moved from two PCIEx16_2 slots on the ASUS motherboard to one AGI Express1 slot (PCI Express x4) and one PCI Express x16 slot (PCIE1) on the ASRock motherboard. Can anyone help me determine whether the two cards will work on the second motherboard? Will they work as well on the ASRock as they did on the ASUS motherboard? Any suggestions? Thanks.

P.S. -- The ASRock motherboard manual says that its slots are compatible with an nVidia GEForce 7600GT card, but my cards are 7600GS cards. Does this one-letter difference present a problem? Thanks again.
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    This says that the board supports Crossfire with 2 x ATI cards!
  2. Yes! You're right, Rolli59. Thanks. I happen to already own an unused ATI All-in-Wonder HD Graphics and HD TV Tuner card. It would do great as one of the two XFire cards that I need for the ASRock motherboard. Do you, or does anyone else, have a recommendation for the second ATI Crossfire card to use with the first in dual mode? I'm looking for something that I can use with two monitors for HD video editing.
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