ASUS P6X58D Premium Not reading 1600 memory

Hi I have a ASUS P6X58D Premium Mobo, running Core i7 930 with 8gigs of (2g sticks) G skill Ripjaw F3-12800CL7D,

The problem is simple but I dont realy know how to fix it, the memory is listed under the ASUS mobo as compatible but yet it dosnt run at 1600 insted its runing at 1066, I was wondering how can i fix it to run at 1600 or at 2000(OC)

Thank you

Edit: Forgot to mention the Mobo is runing at BIOS version 0703 and it has a New bios update of 0808 but its a Beta version which is suppose to Improve memory compatibility. would that fix the problem by updating it?
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  1. 1600 is oc speed.
  2. Hi.

    1- U bought a wrong RAM kit, since the mobo and CPU that u want support tri-channel u should go with a 6GB (3x2GB) kit like this that is very good.
    2- For run the RAM to rated speed (1600) u need set all the specifications manually in the BIOS or select the 1600 speed in the BIOS.
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