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Stuck in "starting windows" after installing graphic card drivers

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January 10, 2010 6:56:32 PM

Okay i am having a really frustrating issue..Everytime i figure something out wrong with my PC. Something comes up. But then again it wouldnt be a PC if it was perfect. To be honest i dont even know what the heck im talkin about right let me go straight to the topic. Before i was having a problem when i was installing windows 7 it would get stuck at "completing installation" phase. It would do the first restart, and then when it was finalizing the screen would go black with a blinking cursor on the top left. The reason why this happened was because of my video card. Because the solution to that problem was i had to go to device manager after the first restart and disable the video card. After that the setup would complete. By this stage i was shootin fireworks in my house happy as all i can be. But thennnnnnnn another problem came up, and this is why i brought this whole deal up because it has to have something to do with it for a solution. Okay so i boot into a fresh install of windows. I have an GeForce EVGA 9800 gx2. When i installed the drivers for it and restarted i get stuck on "Starting windows" screen. It has to be the graphics card again causing this. To be honestly i dont even know what i have and havnt tried anymore. My brain is currently at swiss cheese status. I also thought maybe the SATA mode had something to do with it like the IDE/SATA/AHCI. My last format was done in ACHI. I also tried to install the AHCI driver and then install graphics card driver but i still get stuck when it restarts. I tried the other modes and nothing worked to boot into windows. One of them actually gives me the BSOD at the start. I forgot which one. The pathetic thing about this whole problem is back then when i had my windows 7 installed i never had any issues with nothing, everything was working perfectly until one day i wokeup to turn my computer on and i had a black screen with blinking cursor after doing a hard shutdown. Thats the very very beginning of all my issues when they started. I hope i am not getting you guys confused. But yeah i know for a fact all my hardware parts are working correctly. Ive tried a different monitor. Nothing worked. I just think it has to be some kind of setting maybe in the BIOS..I have a new MB right now along with a new CPU. When i had my older MB and CPU the windows 7 installation going black at completing installtion was already taking place. So it cant be because of that. My very little computer knowledge hasnt had any luck with whats going on. Someone please help.

PS: i tried old driver versions and still had no luck. Also tried googling and it seems like i dont see anyone else with this problem

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February 7, 2010 6:49:00 PM

I am having this EXACT same problem only it is a new graphics card I am installing, windows is supposed to be great and tell me exactly what the problem is but its just not doing that, all I get is 'Starting Windows'.

I'm going to try and disable the previous cards driver, maybe that is whats conflicting, however, if I find another cause that may apply to your problem too, I will be sure to let you know.
February 8, 2010 12:13:40 AM

Update on my situation... After trying to re-install windows 7 and formatting my hard drive in the process (I figure that would get rid of all installed drivers) I am now stuck in a loop. The computer will re-boot itself, tell me it is preparing to set up my system for first time use, then re-boot its self and so on... highly frustrating! Anybody have any ideas? Obviously focus your efforts on electroh0lic since it is his topic.