My Sistem PII+HD4830

I've built/assembled the sistem myself.My specs are:
AMD Phenom II 720BE
Asus M3A78
A-Data 2x2GB Gaming Edition 5-5-5-18 800mhz
Sapphire HD4830 512MB 575/1800
Samsung F1 250GB SataII
Asus DVD-RW w/LightScribe
NoName 600W PSU(I know it's not a good thing but until I'll really need a new psu it will still be good for me)
LowCost Case
AC Freezer64-Pro
2x80mm Spire Coolers
+BenQ 22'' Senseye

All of this, execept for the monitor, cost me around 450 Euros(pffff ~600Dolars).
The sistem was bought in April 09 so at the time it was the best bang for the buck.
I has able to push it to almost 14K point in 3dMark 06 with the cpu at 3,6 and the GPU at 700/2200. What do you think? at the time I was on stock cooling on CPU and windows wasn' clean/fresh.

and a near death /camicaze/stupid result: CPU-Z at 4100Mhz
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  1. It's decent for when the Phenom II 720 first came out.
    My old Q9550/ATI 3870 CFX was pushing over 20,000 at 3.4 Ghz.
    Now my i7 rigs have totally blown that out of the water.

    I think today's i5 750 with at least a HD 4770 can do about 18,000 in it's sleep.

    The point is, hardware performance has since doubled if not tripled in performance since December 2008.
  2. Of course!
    That's the thing with PC's. At the moment it was a decent PII build(and still is). The ideea is that I'm really really happy with it. I don't OC it no more; all games are running very well at 1650x1050 so why to oc it? I could have get the e8400 at the moment for the same money but if you don't oc it it is just a moderate CPU and I'm not so much in OC; I admire offcourse others scores and Ghz's.
    In 2-3-4 years when I will change my rig it will be again a "Best Bang For the Buck"(like this one was) and in 5 months it will be moderate and so on...
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