Undervolting cpu now Computer wont start

So I was undervolting my cpu with AMD overdrive and it was stable at this voltage. So i restarted the comp to set it in the bios but it wouldn't start up and got stuck in a restart loop. so i turned off power and turned it on again and now it doesnt post anymore. everything is seems to be running just nothing is on the screen. i think it might be the bios got corrupted is there any way to tell? please dont tell me the cpu can die from undervolting i just wanted to save energy :cry:
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  1. no. it cant die. neither can it work when you dont feed it it's electical food.
  2. Reset the BIOS and then leave it alone. Your processor will downclock it's self automatically to save energy unless you have disabled the energy saving features in the BIOS. They are "on" by default.
  3. You will save a lot of energy if you undervolt enough.

    If you are undervolting and the system stopped working, you went too far.
  4. For some Asus and Gigabyte boards, for an easy cmos reset, press continuously the Insert key on your keyboard while powering up.

    1. Press Insert key repeatedly
    2. (while pressing Insert repeatedly) press the power button of your computer.

    If it works as intended you should see the POST screen indicating that "overclocking failed".

    If it doesn't you may need to reset manually with the cmos reset jumper (see your motherboard manual).
  5. asus boards if you take the cpu out and put it back in it detects a new cpu and wipes a few settings to get it post?
  6. all i had to do was clear the cmos. thanks guys
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