Which corsair RAM should i get? XMS or Dominator?

My question is which RAM should i get? i plan to play lots of games. and a friend tells me to try and get the 2000 rather than the 1600. in this situation the corsair xms is 2000 and the corsair dominator is 1600. and they are both 6GB

so im wondering which is a better memory?

this is the dominator

this is the XMS
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  1. In gaming,you won't see a noticeable difference between them so go with the cheaper one.
  2. Neither.

    With Corsair ram, look at the cheapest DDR3 6gb kit for $130:

    or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820145222
    for 1600 ram.

    The reason is that with nehalem architecture, the processor ram controller is so good that it can keep the cores supplied with ram data from any speed ram.
    Tou will see a minimal difference in real(vs. synthetic benchmark) difference in performance between the fastest ram with the best latencies and the worst.
    Think 2-4%
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