2 platforms, 2 variants (600-700$ for GPU, CPU and mother board)

Hello, i'm gonna buy a new pc in several days and there're some variants for me to buy, i've already chosen. There are 3 parts i have to buy (gpu, cpu and mother board), hdd's, memory 4Gb and power module (600W) and all other parts i'm going to take from my previous pc or buy, so i don't need your advice considering these parts.
please, estimate and correct my versions or make your own propositions:
1)amd phenom II x4 945 or 925
2)ati radeon 5850

1)amd phenom II x4 945 or 925
2)2 ati radeon 4890 graphic cards (maybe at least one and then buy another one)

1)I5 750
2)GTX 275
3)GigaByte P55-UD3

1)I5 750
2)GTX 260
3)GigaByte P55-UD4

Thank you!
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  1. Well, I think you can rule out the pair of HD4890 cards on a 600W PSU. Is there a particular reason you did not keep nVidia with the AMD builds, or ATi with the Intel builds?
    Assuming you are a gamer, although the i5 is the faster CPU, you will probably see better performance in games with the HD5850 GPU.
  2. well, i read that a pair of intel and nvidia and a pair of AMD and ati give better performance than intel with ati for example, but maybe i'm mistaken. thx for the answer!
  3. There have been stability issues with some of the SLI chipsets, regardless of what brand of single card was used. If you aren't planning to use dual cards, a single HD58xx should give you the best performance with either company's CPU. If you're planning to run two cards, look for a board that offers x8,x8 rather than x16x4.
  4. thank you very much!!
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