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If I wanted to overclock my CPU, and was going to use an H100. what would be a good fan config to use? Pushing the air out of the case through the fins, pulling the air out of the case from the top through the fins or push-pull, pushing the air in and pulling it out? Even if I wasn't overclocking what would be good? Could you explain why?

EDIT: Would 2 fans on one side work good or 2 on each side of the radiator?
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    Pushpull is best if you can manage to fit it, and intake/exhaust is determined by where you mount it, back or roof then exhaust, front or bottom then intake is the rule of thumb for fans and should be maintained with rads imo
    push pull allows better cooling, often with your fans turned down so it can be quieter as well,
  2. So it looks like push-pull is best overall, being push alone is second without shrouds. I don't think I am going to use shrouds on the h100, and i don't have space for it, so just a push pull with work the best then? push being if I don't have room for that.
  3. If you can fit pushpull then yes, thats the best set up, if you can't fit both sets of fans straight off, consider a little light modding maybe :)
    or settle for just push ofc
  4. That helps thanks :D and if I can't quite fit push-pull but fit a push, I can have the radiator with push in the fan and have the pull outside of the case if that would still work also.
  5. Yup, thats one of the 'light modding' options, remember to fit grills on the external fans, to avoid any finger/pet incidents :)
    and for best results doing that, you can snip out the section of case to give the fans full access to the rads fins, although it would leave a hole in the case if you ever decided to move the rad,
  6. I could just put the whole thing outside the case for full air exposure :B. I don't really wanna cut anything from the case, i'm kinda OCD like that, if I got a piece broken or missing it bothers me. like my phone, I lost the boattery cover for it for a long time it bothered the hell outta me. Then I got a replacement. Anyway I can find a way to make it work, but it wont be for a while before i get it, especially after I pay for this whole build :D
  7. You would have to cut the grill out at least, to allow the block part through into the case,
    another option would be to cut the tubing and feed that through any grommetted holes you may have in the case,
    but refilling/bleeding the system would require you to design in a method to do so, and to be honest you would be better off designing a real loop if you are going to go to those lengths on a fisherprice cooler,
    and I have Ocd about cables lol, I can't stand seeing them in a Pc
    Modding is part of W/c and done right, looks good,
    but for mounting rads above a Pc,

    you need a method of routing the tubing into the case, and something to hold it away from/fasten to to the case, I used some brackets that came with the RX240 kit
    to mount outside the box, you really have to think outside the box :)
  8. Get a case with plexi glass or a clear plastic side, and cut a notch or 2 for the tubes and mount it on the top. It would work and it would be open air :D
  9. Thats one way yes, as you can see I drilled through my roof to route my tubing, both for the rad and the two resses I mounted at the front
    I also have a separate 'Roofbox' inside that hides tubes,wires and the fancontroller you see there, but assuming the tubing from a Hxxx would reach around the sides like you describe, its an option,
    thats part of the fun of modding for me, deciding what I want, then figuring out a feasible way to do it :)
  10. Yea, if it doesn't reach all the way to the top, I can mounted it on the side , on it's side. Put notches for the tubes, then put 4 holes in the case, and use like metal wire or long zip ties to hold it in place :D
    the mounting legs are available separately, or you could fabricate some metal strips, maybe use meccano if you know anyone who has some :)
    its awesome for making brackets with, thin enough to bend if needed but strong enough to hold anything up
  12. Those put it facing the case, I mean actually putting it on the side of the radiator. So it is sticking out.
  13. However you mount the brackt to the rad, it must be using the fan mount screwholes,
    rads are delicate little beasties and you don't want to screw through a chamber pipe :)
    but that aside, you can make brackets to hold it anyway you like, just be aware of the forces acting upon the rad and support/brace as necessary, you'll be fine,
    can you sketch something up for me?
    how the rad will be in relation to the case and I'll show you where you should place the bracketwork
  14. Draw something? Uhmmm I can't draw lol. But I made it in Paint with my mouse :D Expect bad.

    You can see if your looking form the side you see the fans and rad, but if i were ti mount it the say these pictures are showing, you would only see a fan.
  15. I'll draw something in about an hour when I get home from work, if you looked at the case from the front, would you see the fan/rad/fan sticking out from the side of the case?
    I think I know what you mean though
  16. Yea if you would look at the fron of the case you was see something like EXPC, you would see one fan, but it would be mouted on the side facing the same way.
  17. Ok, I think this is how you mean?

    This is if you mount it on the righthand side of the case, often referred to as the back side, you can of course have it on the other side if you wish but that will interfere with the opening of the door to access gfx cards, clean etc
    To support that properly, you'll need four of the pictured angled brackets, two on each fan, you'll also need to figure out where to cut a notch for the tubing to go through the side, (depending on your case you may need to cut a hole in the sidepanel and the back of the mobo tray)
    your pumps powerplug and the fan wires will also go through that notch,
    I would remove the roof section and drill the sidepanel where the brackets will be, you may find a bolt and nut is more than secure enough for the case side, but the fan/rad side needs to be affixed to the rad as mentioned,
    cut the notch in the mobo tray and sidepanel where appropriate and line it with U-channel to protect the tubing/wires then put the block and any wires/plugs inside the case, use something to support the rads weight whilst you do it, and replace the roof panel, sealing the cutout on the mobo tray.
    bolt the brackets to the sidepanel, nice and tight then,
    line up the sidepanel, lift the rad so the tubing sits in that notch and close the sidepanel up, screw/latch into place,
    affix the first fan to the rad through the bracket and repeat for the second bracket, then repeat for the fan on the other side, make sure you mount them correctly, I'd suggest both blowing to the rear,
    make sure your plugs are all connected, including the pumps power and you should be good to go :)
  18. I don't think I would need to cut into the mobo side, The case I am getting is the Corsair Carbide Series 300R and going to have a Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3 So there wont be room to put notches on that side, I will have to go out the other side. If you look at the top where it has the side panel opened but not off, I can put the notch(s) to the right of that middle tab that holds it in place (closer to the back if it was closed). If the tubes were long enought I could just secure it on that side vent where there is room for 2 120 or 140 mm fans and have it just pull air out of the case.
  19. seems like a plan, once you have the gear to hand you'll be able to judge better as you can place thing where you would like them to go and see how they fit,
    having it as an exhaust could also be a good move
  20. It would effect the cooling slightly because that is where the GPU is and I will have the 660TI OC by gigabyte, and it doesn't have the shroud design xD
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