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Is this just the card or the whole system in the following chart:,2433-13.html

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  1. Read the title of the chart it should be evident.... AC
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    This a good resource for actual card power usage;
    Techpowerup also has convenient charts;
  3. I use this to check individual cards:
  4. Don't need a 750 if you are only running 1 GPU.
  5. JackNaylorPE said:
    I use this to check individual cards:

    They should at least have the courtesy to cite where they got most of those GPU power consumption numbers, which is who has been measuring GPU power consumption for at least the past few years.
  6. 4745454b said:
    Don't need a 750 if you are only running 1 GPU.

    Then what is the point to having insurance?
  7. Quote:
    Just buy a 750W supply, works for pretty much anything and can be carried over in new builds.

    A 750w PSU is overkill for most systems, excluding gaming systems with 2 hungry GPUs.

    My system in my sig is powered by a Seasonic 550w PSU.
  8. Insurance is a good battery backup. Not a larger then needed PSU.
  9. Thanks for your replys,

    @TheGreatGrapeApe The title says at AC Source yes, but i thought that could mean the source of power for the card OR the whole system, sorry for my obvious ignorance.

    @strangestranger Ive got a corsair 520w PSU and havnt really got the money to buy a bigger one, so i wanted to know if it would be enough before i baught a hungry card.

    Thanks for all your help guys, some very useful links.

  10. The Corsair is a fine unit. Go ahead and use any card with it.
  11. Got a HD5850 and it works beautifully, now i wish ATI would release some 3D gaming support!
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  13. What do you mean by "release some 3D gaming support"?
  14. He means support glasses and whatnot like nvidia has with 3dvision or whatever it is called.

    I knw they are going to be adding support sometime soon although it will be third party only.
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